In - game rules, MUST READ !!!

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In - game rules, MUST READ !!!

Post by Frozen` on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:25 pm

1. No Restoration Policy
The shine GM Team will not be entertaining cases that require any item and/or character restoration. A player’s account is his or her responsibility. DO NOT SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT AND/OR ACCOUNT DETAILS WITH OTHERS.

2. Scamming Policy
The GM Team will not be responsible for any loss of crones or items due to scams or unfair trades that are not a result of an in-game bug or exploit. Nor shall the GM Team be responsible for any mistake made in any transaction. It is the player’s responsibility to check and ensure that all transactions are fair and correct.

3. Game Moderators
Game Moderators are committed to helping and guiding users to experience the game at its full potential.

What GMs can do for players of Rohan?
- GMs will do their best in answering questions and handling complaints or concerns users may have in-game.
- GMs are to oversee events or quests in-game.
-  GMs may kick or suspend players that violate the Shine Rohan Policies and Code of Conduct depending on the severity of the violation

What GMs cannot do for players of Rohan?
  - GMs cannot and will not participate in any party or guild. They cannot and will not “tank” for or provide “buffs” to players, unless it coincides with an event or promotion that requires them to do so.
  - GMs cannot and will not give players items, potions or gold (trading with players is not allowed) unless it is part of an event or promotion.
 - GMs will not give special treatment to any player or specific group of players. GM’s are to be impartial, unbiased, and objective within the scope of their responsibilities and judgment.
 - GMs will never ask you for your username and password and any other account information.

4. In game rules.
Use or distribution of any hack/hacking programs will be punished [Perma Ban]
Do not abuse any of the game bugs
Dupclicating or possessing duplicated items will be punished [Perma Ban]
Do not insult any GameMasters.

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